"American Nitro!...Puts F/C Summer to shame. The first couple of minutes will blow your mind!"

"American Nitro-You are not a funny car fan unless you see this one."

"Here's IMHO the top five movies that capture drag racing as we remember and want it.

1. American Nitro

2. Wheels of Fire

3. Funnycar Summer

4. Burnout

5. California Dream'n"

"American Nitro: has not left my dvd player in a week and a half!!! i watch it every night!! deff 2 enthusiastic thumbs way up!!! only down side was it ends"

"I jammed in something called 'American Nitro' into the VCR and hoped for the best. And I got it. This guy was not unlike 'Funny Car Summer', but ultimately more successful i.e., no maudlin folk music obnoxiously underscoring the plight of the independent drag racer, and no gratuitous sandstorm footage. Shot mostly at Fremont Raceway, this gem contained plenty of mid-70's era funny car racing. Also included in this work, however, is an extremely chilling interview with engine builder Ed Pink who discusses the horrors of oil fires in the early days of drag racing, particularly the incident which claimed the life of Top Fuel hero John 'the Zookeeper' Mulligan at the U.S. Nationals in 1969."

"It should be mandatory that anyone who has, or is into the nostalgia funny car, own or have at least seen American Nitro, the saga of the funny car. Awesome documentary, totally 70's, kinda cheesy, bad music, but with great footage. Sort of the "Deep Throat" of 70's drag racing movies. Just being silly, but seriously, if anyone hasn't seen it, please watch it, it's great."

"Funny this come up i have watched that tape 200 times...i watched last night even...its the best."

"All I can say is THANK GOD those filmmakers made the d*rn thing, or we'd be missing a lot of the incredible Funny Car history that they captured... And yes, I love the ultra-cheesy music tracks too... It's a great package as a whole... We're all very fortunate that AMERICAN NITRO was made back in the day... I watch it at least once a year... I cherish it..."

"I remember reading about this film in 1979 but didn't get to see it until 1990.Since then I have seen it a minimum of 50 times."

"DVD of American Nitro! Sweeeeeeeeeet!

"In my Steve Evans imitation voice from A.N., 'You think these are loud?! Just wait........it's coming!'"

"We got a little more clutch, a little more power now!"

"No mercy to his equipment! you can hear the rods stretch, and the valves trying to touch the pistons!" -- Steve Evans

When I got the movie I watched it EVERY NITE probably at least a year straight, just ask my wife, she will gladly verify just how "sick" I am. -- Rob

"You're right. GRRRRREAT MOVIE!"

"Great movie I have watched it God only knows how many times. Rates right up there with 'American Graffiti' as Mad Man Millner says " I gotta beat the factory "

"Today I got my Copy of American Nitro... I would like to say thanks keith.. Also you guys are right thats has to be the best Fc movie ever... I was about 5 when that was filmed and actaully remeber seeing some of the cars at the World series in one of my first trips to the strips..I Never knew movies like this even were made...[Star Wars spoof] Thank you to everyone for helping me view a bit of history...."



"A pleasant slice of Americana." -- Los Angeles Times

" There's lots of beer chugging and VAROOMS...also a lot of fiery disaster footage and races gone wrong." -- Los Angeles Herald Examiner

" A fast moving two hours." -- The Hollywood Reporter

"A truely spectacular motorcycle jump-cum-hanglicer flight over a long row of trucks tops things off. It's slickly done by director-editor Bill Kimberlin...," -- Variety

"An interesting look at an odd way to spend a weekend." -- Los Angeles Weekly

"The movie is good entertainment. The spectacular crash and burn sequences are just the thing for thrill-seekers." -- Car Craft

"A Roman spectacle: high speed crackups, (in slow motion) men afite, semi-nude maidens in attendance, psychedellic 'Funny Cars' and needle-nozed rocket dragsters with superchargers and jet engines." -- Filmex Film Festival